Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Lorinda,
Oh mercy me!! What a day JTs birthday was! He and I had fun hanging out together. I let him get away with things I wouldn't normally, since it was his special day. For instance, I let him pull out all of his wipes out of the box and throw them all over the floor.

I even took him out to lunch for his birthday. Never mind the fact he's still eating baby food so I took his lunch and just ordered something for me. I know it was special for him.

Then we had some friends come over. We devoured some pizza. Then it was present opening time. JT enjoyed ripping up the wrapping paper. And he loved all of his gifts. He got some books, an alphabet inch worm from mom, a fun little racing car, and from us some bath toys and a little scooter. Plus, one of my friends made him a baby snuggie!! It's amazing!

The best part was definitely the cake. I made him a cake in the shape of a "1" for him to have all to himself. He made such a mess of it, and had so much fun in the process. There was cake everywhere. I sent a picture too so you could see just how great it was. I think I'll have to do it again for him next year too. My friend mentioned that she thinks it would be just as fun their second year too. So I agree. Why limit messy cake eating to just the first birthday?

Now as far as me blinking my eyes and him being one, Well....I did a little research. And I actually blinked approximately 7,424,100 times before he turned one. However, if I don't take it literally, I can perhaps see what you mean. But just to clarify, since you did once say "You just blink your eyes and he'll be graduating high school." I will have to blink about 133,633,800 times before that happens. Not that I'm counting. I'm just trying to prove my smarts.
Speaking of smarts. Remember when I asked you about my painting that I'm working on and you suggested I painted some little black flowers? Well, I was at the store and bought some black paint for the flowers. Then I left the store. And it wasn't until then that I realized that I bought oil paint. My painting is acrylic. So, I thought it must be a sign. However, I'm stumped as to whether it's a sign that I shouldn't paint flowers on my painting, or a sign that I'm not very smart. Which do you suppose it's a sign of?

How fun to have friends over for brunch. I don't believe I've ever had Mom's homemade cinnamon rolls. (She didn't bake for me as much as she baked for you.) (Not that I'm bitter.) (Ok, maybe I'm a little bitter.) However, I've had your crepes! In fact, your crepes were my first crepe experience, and they bred in me a love of crepes that will never die! With that said, I guess my vote is for crepes. Although if I had the option to say make both, that's what I'd say.

Now, you do realize that we are flying down for our visit right? How do you suppose I would safely transport those white dishes you are offering? Don't get me wrong, I would love to have them. I just don't know that I would be able to take them then. And I'd also still like to have those table clothes that you offered me OVER A YEAR AGO! Seriously, what is wrong with us that we keep forgetting?
I hope little Naomi is doing better. And Zoe would make a perfect nurse! I can just see it now.

Good luck with your brunch. Let me know what you end up doing. (It better be crepes!!)


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